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Student staff

The chair has several student assistants. They support the chair in the processing of research questions, the construction of models and significantly in the preparation of the events of the chair. The chair is constantly striving to provide interested students with an insight into teaching and research by working in the institute and is therefore pleased about every application as a student assistant.

Jana Himmel

Lupe [1]

Raum: H 6123

Mail: himmel[at]er.tu-berlin.de

Simon Pearson

Raum: H 6123

E-Mail: simon.pearson[at]campus.tu-berlin.de

Jeremias Hollnagel

Lupe [2]

Raum: H 6123

E-Mail: hollnagel[at]er.tu-berlin.de

Léa Schöningh

Lupe [3]

Raum: H 6123

E-Mail: schoeningh[at]er.tu-berlin.de

Lennart Schulz

Lupe [4]

Raum: H 6123

E-Mail: schulz[at]er.tu-berlin.de

William Böhm

Lupe [5]

Raum: H 6123

E-Mail: boehm[at]er.tu-berlin.de

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