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Department for the Management of Energy and Resources

For planetary life and for human economic activities, supply of energy and resources plays a pivotal role - subject to the sometimes conflicting objectives of security of supply, affordability and protection of the environment.

Centrally positioned at the Faculty for Technology and Management, the Department for the Management of Energy and Resources deploys simultaneously the angles of technology and management. It unites the competences of engineering and planning on the one hand side and of management on the other and is thus well positioned to help realising central elements of TU Berlin’s Strategy for the future, which identifies Energy Systems and Sustainable Resource Management as a core research topic and contribute to the successful realisation of the “Energiewende” in Germany and worldwide.

This interdisciplinary design of our department allows us to transcend traditional boundaries regarding sectors and energy sources. Despite the existence of quite large numbers of models dealing with grids and markets and their recent or potential developments, profound research into trans-sectoral and trans-industrial effects and potentials is still in its infancy.

Key topics of our department are:

  • Spacially and temporally detailed modeling of the interrelationship between electricity, gas and heat
  • Researching the spacial structure of energy supply and use
  • Modeling of markets, especially regarding energy production from renewable sources,
  • Regulation management
  • Management in the energy industry

Investigations in the management of energy and resources require the unison application of methods from engineering, natural sciences, and humanities. Examples are system specific modelling techniques, theories of price formation, methods of market analyses, and live cycle analyses. The systemic view plays an overarching role. As a corollary, we identify options and opportunities for management from a strategic perspective. 




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