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POMMES (power market model energy and resources) is a bottom-up cost minimization model that maps the German electricity market based on fundamental, technical and economic parameters.

It is based on the assumption of complete information and exclusive trading of all electricity quantities on the simulated day-ahead market. It is based on the open energy modelling framework (oemof) (Hilpert et al. 2018) and can be used as a pure dispatch model as well as an integrated investment and dispatch model.

Analysis in the dispatch model are usually resolved hourly. In the model, Germany with a plant-specific power plant park and neighbouring countries with an aggregated power plant park are depicted in a market-zone-specific manner. The associated transmission capacities are modelled on the basis of time-variable Net Transfer Capacities (NTCs) (Ghosh et al. 2019).

Survey on electricity market and energy system models

Friday, 05. June 2020


Are spot prices derived from dual variables in the model?
Can the model show negative spot prices?
Are renewables integrated by exogenous time series?

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