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Research Focuses


Solution Approaches and Supporting Systems for Management Decisions in the Energy Industry

Like any other industrial sector, the energy sector is characterized by a specific value creation and Industry structure with idiosyncratic qualities. The characteristic combination of the suppliers, the environment, customer needs and the value creation structure requires management methods that are adapted to the specific needs of the stake-holders and decision-makers of the energy industry. To address this need, current strategic and operational issues are being examined for decision-makers in the energy sector. Examples of this at the corporate level are opportunities and risks of cooperations, market structure analyses and strategy formulations. Examples of problems at the business level are portfolio management and methods for investment decisions in the energy industry. Due to the change in processes, evaluation, assessment and the projection of new sector-specific business models is becoming increasingly important.


Development and Forecasting of Energy and Resource Markets

The developments in the availability of products and the associated prices on many energy and resource markets in recent years have highlighted the strong dynamics that has prevailed in these markets. In addition, during the last decades the gas and electricity markets have changed substantially due to state regulatory interventions. Against this backdrop, this research area regularly evaluates macro and microeconomic topics. Specificially, the impact on the efficiency of market structures through regulatory interventions and technological developments and, if necessary, comparing them with other market and regulation models in energy and resource management. The focus here is on electricity and natural gas.


Modeling and Assessment of Electricity Generation, Distribution and Application Systems

In addition to the changing regulatory framework, the technological possibilities determine the system of electricity supply. This research area is intensifying study into the challenges posed by  greenhouse gas emissions, particularly CO2, related to technology in power generation, as well as the potential opportunities of electromobility in connection with smart grids. In addition, the design aspects of smart metering and storage technologies are dicussed using a systematic approach in order to verify their economic and social feasability.

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