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Energy and Resources - Technologies and Systems

Integrated Lecture (Winter Semester, Nr. 73 130 L 10912)
Prof. Dr. Müller-Kirchenbauer,
Paul Verwiebe
Monday, 4-6 pm and Thursday 12-2 pm
HE 101 and Online
Group work and written test (TBA)

Learning Outcomes

The supply of energy and the extraction of resources are worldwide combined with techniques and technologies which are permanently changing and developing. Thus, the extraction of ressources requires on the one hand techniques which undergo a permanent optimization process worldwide, since easily exploitable deposits are running out. Whereas on the other hand, the rising standards of environmental compatability of extraction methods demand a continous improvement of the technology. In this module "Energy and Resources - Technology and Systems", we work out essential fundamentals of technical processes and principles of the systems and technologies for the supply and the use of energy and natural ressources by using theories and methods of engineering sciences. These fundamentals will be applied on the processes along the value chains. The special approach is the holistic consideration of energy and ressources from the system point of view. Since the supply and usage of energy is closely linked with the excavation of raw materials, this approach is especially important to understand the whole system. Students have to work independently and in a team, on papers, case studies and presentations. This will qualify them to solve complex tasks in the energy and raw materiel industry.


This module focuses on teaching the basics of system technology, technical processes at the extraction, processing, transformation and the use of energetic and natural raw materials. Main points: system theory, analysis and evaluation of energy systems, technical processes at the exploration and promotion of resources, transport technologies for energy and natural raw materials, transformation technologies and preparation technologies of natural raw materials. Energy conversion processes and plants, steam power and gas turbines, material flow analysis and environmental protection, storage technology, hydrogen, gas storage facilities, renewable energies, photovoltaics, wind energy, solarthermics, water, biomass, fuel cells and innovative systems.

The formalities for registration will be announced in the first lecture.


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